The Sixth Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association 2004 (AsCA'04)

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General Information


The sixth conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association 2004 (AsCA'04) is to be held from Monday, 28 to Wednesday, 30 June 2004 at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in Hong Kong, China. Conference participants are welcome to check in and register on campus on Sunday, 27 June 2004.


On 27 and 28 June 2004 a registration desk will be set up inside the Academic Concourse. Participants who have prepaid their registration fees can pick up their conference bags and name badges. Participants who will pay for their registration fees upon arrival are subject to additional cost, and they have to pay the fees in cash in either Hong Kong or US currency.

Registration fees cover:

      conference materials: a programme handbook, CD-ROM of the programme handbook, brief bag, name badge and pen

      meals: welcoming mixer, banquet and mid-morning & afternoon coffee/tea

 Refund of the registration and HKUST accommodation fees can be considered if cancellation is on or before 1 May 2004. A  US$50 cancellation fee will be charged.




Evening Social Functions:


Sunday June 27

PANalytical Welcome Mixer

 A reception and social mixer will be organized for all AscA04 registrants and accompanying persons in the University Bistro, University Center, HKUST.  Free drinks and light buffet meal will be provided. Time 18:30-21:00. We are grateful to PANalytical for their sponsorship of this event.


Monday June 28    

Bruker Nonius Harbor Cruise and Dinner Buffet

The Hong Kong harbor at night is a spectacular sight not to be missed. Space is limited to 200 persons. Available to all full conference registrants and accompanying persons. Some space available for students, enquire at conference desk to sign up !  Buses will depart HKUST at 18:45 and return 21:45.  We are grateful to Bruker/Nonius for their sponsorship of this event.


Tuesday June 29

Rigaku Traditional Chinese Seafood Banquet

  The Star Seafood Floating restaurant in Shatin is famous for its seafood banquet.  This event is open to all conference registrants and accompanying persons. Buses will depart HKUST at 18:45 and return at 21:45. Residents of Nikko Hotel please contact conference secretariat for arrangements. We are grateful to Rigaku Corporation for their sponsorship of this event.

Wednesday June30         

marresearch Farewell Party

Say good-bye with a farewell party featuring drinks and snack buffet at the conclusion of the final academic session in the afternoon. Open for all participants and held in the academic concourse, HKUST. We are grateful to marresearch for their sponsorship of this event.


Meeting Dates and Venue:

The meeting is being held on the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, June 27- 30 2004.  Registration will commence on the afternoon of Sunday June 27 (12:00 - 21:00) and may be continued on Monday June 28 (08:00). In case of early check in on Saturday 26 June or late arrival on Sunday evening, please call (9777-4149), (9276-7717) or (6112-0829).


Conference Office:

The conference office is located in the academic concourse, opposite Lecture Theatre B.  It will be open on Sunday June 27 for registration from 14:00 until 21:00.  Delegates arriving after this time should register on Monday morning before 10:00.  Messages and communications for delegates may be posted on notice boards next to the conference desk.  During the conference period FAXes may be sent to +(852)-3106-3446 and clearly marked to the attention of the delegate in question.  For phone contact please call +(852)-2358-7359, or +(852)-9777-4149.  The time zone for Hong Kong in June is +7 GMT.



Phone, Fax and Post:

If you wish to make an overseas call or FAX please contact the conference secretariat at the conference desk. In general only local calls can be made from the public phones on campus. Local calls within Hong Kong are normally 8-digits. For directory enquiries in English dial 1081. Phone cards with discount IDD rates may be purchased at the airport or down-town. When phoning overseas, for example on mobile phones, note that the international dialing code should be preceded with 001. Due to the relatively short duration of the conference and variability of post we do not recommend sending regular mail. If you wish to send mail there is a mailing desk inside the University Souvenir Shop on the Entrance Plaza near Lift 2. 


In case of need speed-post items may be sent to: AsCA Secretariat, c/o Prof. Ian Williams, Department of Chemistry, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong.



E-mail and Internet:

The university has over 20 workstations for free E-mail and internet access around the campus and we have arranged computing facilities to be available in Computer Barn A, Lift 17-18. For further details or assistance please contact Prof. Zhenyang Lin at the conference help desk.

Banking and Currency Exchange:

Currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar, which is pegged at a rate of 7.78 per US$. It is advisable that you change to local currency before you depart, since exchange rates at the Hong Kong airport may not be favorable. The campus of HKUST has two bank branches, the Hang Seng Bank (Ph: 2198-0441) and the Bank of China (Ph: 2358-2345) located near Lift 1 across from the sun-dial. Opening hours Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00. They can provide exchange to HK dollars for limited foreign currencies such as US dollars, Japanese Yen or Renminbi.  There are numerous money exchanges in the tourist areas of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, but these are located far from the university campus.


The most convenient access to local cash may be from four ATM machines on campus, two at the bank branches and two at the entrance to the academic concourse.  These are open 24 hours and should accept most international credit cards, or bank cards on the Plus or Cirrus systems.


Name Badges:

Name badges are required for entry to all scientific sessions, lunches and evening functions.  Different colors for name badges of participants is as below:


Conference organizers                                Red

Exhibitors                                                     Yellow

Full registrants                                            Green

Students                                                       Blue

Accompanying persons                               White


For inquiries when the conference desk is closed, please contact member of organizing committee or one of the assistants. Students must show proof of a current valid student identity upon registration.  Accompanying persons are allowed access to all meals and social functions but not the academic sessions



Medical and Emergency Contacts:

The phone number for emergency in Hong Kong is 999. This will connect you to POLICE, FIRE and AMBULANCE (MEDICAL) services. State your problem and location clearly and assistance will be sent as soon as possible.  Help should be available in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.  If you are on the university campus either dial extension 8999 or 6565 from a campus internal phone (otherwise 2358-8999 or 2358-6565).  The 8999 number is the line for all main emergency services.  The campus security center will contact 999 on your behalf and send more immediate assistance.  For difficulties such as report of stolen property, locked out of room, please use the 6565 number.



Many delegates have elected to stay on campus in faculty apartments, visitor center or student dormitory rooms.  An information sheet on guest facilities and procedures for check-in/out will be provided to you upon registration. 


Special conference room rates had been negotiated with the Nikko Hotel, Mody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui.  Please contact Ms. Pat Chan (Ph: 2313-4508) for details.  A conference bus to the HKUST campus will be provided at 08:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from outside the lobby of Nikko Hotel.


Meals and Catering Arrangements:

Delegates staying on campus accommodation will be given breakfast vouchers and all delegates will receive lunch vouchers.  Details of time and locations for these will be given at registration. The campus is relatively remote from the urban area and so there are few off-site restaurants within walking distance.  A list of restaurants, bars and tourist attractions are listed on the pages that follow.


On-campus there are a number of dining choices:


Maxim's Chinese Restaurant: Ground Floor (Lift 14-16)

Chinese food - meals for ca HK$50 (US$7.50)


Dim sum and Sun Roast Chinese Tea room: Level LG1 (Lift 14-16)

Also operated by the Maxims group, set meals for ca HK$25 (US$3.00)


Student Canteens and Eateries: Levels LG7 and LG5 (Lift 11/12)

variety of meals, noodles and rice dishes ca HK$20 (US$2.50)

there is also a MacDonald's franchise on LG5 if you crave a 'happy meal'


University Bistro: University Center

mostly Western meals for ca HK$50 (US$7.50) Venue for the welcome mixer.


Coffee Shop: Academic concourse (Lift 25-26)

This has snacks, sandwiches and light meals. Starbuck's coffee in the cart outside with espresso and cappuccino. Conveniently located near to the conference desk and lecture theatres.

Transportation: public transport information  

Buses will be provided to campus on Sunday 27 June from HK International airport.  Please sign up at conference desk if you need assistance with a return trip to the airport on Wednesday 30 June or Thursday 1 July. The nearest shops and restaurants to HKUST campus are in the newly developed Tseung Kwan O, which can be accessed in 10-15 mins. by shuttle mini-bus from outside the university main gate.  There are large shopping centers based around the Hang Hau and Po Lam MTR stations in Tseung Kwan O.

 Transportation to Down Town:



Taxis to the Nikko Hotel or Star Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui should cost about HK$100 (US$12) and take 25-30 minutes.  Alternatively take public mini bus to Choi Hung MTR station and then the MTR subway to stations in Mongkok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan or Tsim Sha Tsui.


Hong Kong Island:

Taxis to Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Admiralty or Central districts of Hong Kong Island will cost ca HK$140-160 (about US$20) and take about 30-35 minutes. Alternatively take a mini-bus to Hang Hau MTR station in Tseung Kwan O and then MTR subway to Hong Kong Island.


      Green minibuses

o       No. 11 (Hang Hau via HKUST Ping Shek)

         Fares: $HK5.50

o       No. 11M (Hang Hau MTR station to HKUST)

         Fares: $HK4.00

o       No. 11S (Hang Hau via HKUST Ping Shek)

         Fares: $HK7.00

o       No. 12 (Po Lam vais HKUST Sai Kung)

         Fares: $HK8.50

o       No. 104 (HKUST Kwun Tong)

         Fares: $HK6.00


      Bus services

o       KMB 91M (Diamond Hill MTR station HKUST Hang Hau)

         Fares: $HK4.90

o       KMB 91 (Diamond Hill MTR station HKUST Clear Water Bay)

         Fares: $HK6.50

o       KMB 298M (Po Lam MTR station HKUST)

         Fares: $HK4.20

o       KMB 298P (Lam Tin MTR station HKUST)

         Fares: $HK5.20


      Airport transport

o       MTR Airport Express (06:00-01:00 daily)





Hong Kong Station

23 minutes

every 8 minutes

      Adults $HK100(Single trip)/ $HK150 (roundtrip same day)

Kowloon Station

19 minutes

every 8 minutes

      Adults $HK90 (single trip)/$HK135 (roundtrip same day)

Tsing Yi Station

12 minutes

every 8 minutes

      Adults $HK60 (single trip)/$HK90 (roundtrip same day)


The Airport Express serves 4 stations, 3 in town and 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. It starts at Hong Kong Station in Central, stops at Kowloon Station in Kowloon West and Tsing Yi Station near the Tsing Yi North Bridge before reaching the airport. Indeed, the Airport Express connects seamlessly with the existing MTR network. Customers can transfer to and from the MTR at Tsing Yi Station and Hong Kong Station.

o       Airport Buses



Operating Hours




Lam Tin MTR Station & Airport

Lam Tin 05:30 am - midnight; Airport 06:00 midnight

12 - 26 minutes



Po Lam Public Transport Interchange (Metro City) & Chek Lap Kok Ferry Pier Bus Terminus (stop at Airport)

Po Lam 05:25 - 21:15; Chek Lap Kok Ferry Pier 07:00 - 23:40

20 - 40 minutes